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Commercial Garage Door Operator Accessories

    Best Selection of Commercial Garage Door Accessories in Boise, ID

    These optional garage door accessories, which complement your opener, are engineered with your convenience in mind. Each accessory features something different to help you enjoy your new Overhead Door Company of Southwestern IdahoTM opener or garage door system to the fullest. Add-on garage door accessories are compatible with products that feature the CodeDodger® Rolling Code Access Security System.

    Timer to Close Module

    Timer To Close Module

    Available for RMX®, RSX®, RHX™, and CDX™ Operators

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​Provides a programmed entryway shutting feature that is introduced and consequently perceived by the garage door system. The Timer to Close component can be chosen to begin when the entryway is opened from sources, for example, from the wall control or other devices. The module is added to the electronic box and interfaces with the fundamental circuit board through a development port connector.​

    Key Features

    • User-selectable time delay
    • Timer hold input
    • Auxiliary open input
    • Auxiliary reversing inputs
    • A sensing device must be used with this module

    Timer To Close Brochure (PDF)

    Auxiliary Output

    Auxiliary Module

    Auxiliary Output Module for RMX®, RSX®, and RHX™ Operators

    Add features to the X-Series Commercial Operator to coordinate with different gadgets, lights, and more with the Auxiliary Output Module. This elective part gives hand-off contacts at entryway limits, just as light yield contacts and a selectable Americans with Disabilities Act yield to sound a horn or run a blazing light. The module is introduced in the user electric box and associates with the principle circuit board through an extension port connector.

    Key Features

    • Allows for integration into other devices (lights, horns, monitoring systems)
    • Multiple relay contact points (up limit, down limit, mid-stop limit)

    Auxiliary Output Module Brochure (PDF)

    Interface Module

    Interface Module

    Available for RHX®, RSX®, RMX®, and CDX™ Operators

    ​​​​​​The UL 325 2010 compliant Monitored Edge Interface Module permits the user to keep an eye on the sensing edge, which allows for advanced safety and security to the garage door system. This unit acts as an interface between two-wire sensing edges and the X-Series operators. The unit is installed quickly and automatically connects to our operators.

    To maintain UL 325 2010 compliance when using a sensing edge as a primary safety device you must use one of the following modules: Monitored Edge Interface Module or Timer To Close Module

    Key Features

    • UL 325 2010 certified for use with our UL 325 2010 certified X-Series commercial operators
    • Compatible for use on Miller Edge electronic two-wire monitored edges models ME, MT, and MU

    Radio Transmitters

    Radio Transmitters

    Transmitters for the RMX®, RSX®, and RHX™ Operators

    Overhead Door Company of Southwestern IdahoTM commercial radio transmitters are available in the same frequency as your selected transmitter receiver. One, two, three and four button transmitters work with the system and are available in frequencies of 312, 360, 380, and 390 MHz.

    Bottom Sensing Edge

    Bottom Sensing Edge

    Bottom Sensing Edge for RMX®, RSX®, and RHX™ Operators

    Sensing Edges provide entrapment protection for motor-operated doors by offering an auto reverse or auto stop feature. Attached to the leading edge of motor-driven doors, our electrically activated Sensing Edges offer the most reliable reversing feature available. Our exclusive construction contains two completely flexible, conductive contact elements separated by perforated foam. When touch-activated, the soft foam cushion inside the Sensing Edge compresses, causing the internal contacts to meet and immediately send an electrical signal to stop or reverse the motor. As an added feature, the Sensing Edge provides a secure, weather-tight seal and conforms to the floor surface. Sensing Edges allow for added safety and peace of mind.

    Safety Beams

    Safety Beams

    Safety Beams for RMX®, RSX®, and RHX™ Commercial Operators

    This optional safety device, our Safe-T-Beam® senses an obstruction and signals the operator to stop or reverse the door. These STBs are UL325 compliant and listed to be used with our X-series operators.

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