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Plexidor Wall Units

    Plexidor Wall Series in Boise, ID

    Sleep in, Enjoy TV, Save your Carpets, And Lower Your Energy Bills

    These Plexidor™ wall units work in any type of wall, 2×4 stud walls, 2×6 stud walls, brick veneer walls, block walls, and yes even 24″ walls of southwest United States.

    The Plexidor wall units include an interior aluminum frame, exterior aluminum frame and aluminum tunnel units frame. They can frame out up to 12″ thick walls. (up to 24″ wall units are available please contact your local dealer) If you have any questions please contact your local dealer, just enter your postal code above to the right.

    Your local dealer has experience with the type of construction in your local area. They can install the Plexidor wall units in your existing home walls. They can also arrange to have the Plexidor installed during home construction. If you have any questions call your local Plexidor dealer, they can help. Just, enter your zip code or postal code at the top right to locate your local dealer.

    Size Recommendations

    • Small Cats up to 24 lbs. and
    • Dogs up to 9 lbs.
    • Medium Dogs up to 40 lbs.
    • Large Dogs ups to 100 lbs.
    • XL Dogs ups to 220 lbs.

    See-Thru Panels

    Rigid, high-impact, shatter-resistant Plexiglas panels.


    Doors have locks, plus separate security plates, and can only be unscrewed and removed from inside your home.

    Two-Way Self-Closing

    Panels close automatically when pet has gone through. Mechanism concealed within main frame.

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